We Are The Robots

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog.  Today we’re going to talk about a deck I like to toy around with every once in awhile: Robots.

I have several Modern decks that I cycle through for FNM, and lately I have been wanting to get out of my Control & Midrange roots. A week ago I did not do so well, but this past FNM I was able to go undefeated where I met another Affinity player in the finals. We decided to split.


I thought you were a Control player? Definitely more than meets the eye.


During the time this deck was first hitting Standard, with the release of Mirrodin, I was knee deep into being a club DJ so I missed out. When Scars of Mirrodin was released it was my first true experience with the archetype although at that time the focus was on the Metalcraft mechanic. Cards like Tempered Steel were what powered those decks then, until Caw-Blade took over the entire format.

While not one of the cheapest decks in the Modern format Affinity, or Robots as it should technically be called, packs quite a punch for what little (mana) cost you put into it. Due to the number of reprints the deck has received in the last few years it’s still less than half the cost of 4-Color (Dune-Brood) Death’s Shadow, and also less than half the cost of Abzan Midrange. For those unfamiliar with the deck you want to play as many cheap, and efficient creatures as possible on the first two turns, and hope to start attacking for large amounts of damage by turn 3. It’s not uncommon to damage your opponent for 7 damage on the first swing, and you have probably hit for 1 or 2 points on turn 2.

Here’s the deck I am running at the moment:

Robots list

The thing I like most with a deck like this is it’s consistency. In Midrange, and Control decks, sometimes you’ll have less than 4 of a card so you won’t always get a chance to play it. With this deck it wasn’t uncommon to have minimal hands that start out with a Darksteel Citadel, Mox Opal, and either a 0 drop or 1 drop creature. Again that’s minimal. The explosiveness of this deck can be on par with combo decks, and unless your permanents are interacted with the game will be won in little time.

While the deck is fast it is not without it’s flaws. A well timed discard spells removing your Cranial Plating, along with a spell to remove an early creature (let alone a land like Inkmoth Nexus) can set you back far enough for your opponent to establish their own game plan.

Again you are a full steam ahead, turn the dudes sideways, type of deck. You want to “get ’em dead” quick, and in a hurry. This doesn’t mean you are without tricks. Steel Overseer can pump your creatures at instant speed, Galvanic Blast can clear a blocker or finish the opponent, and Arcbound Ravager can help you provide use to unwanted Springleaf Drums or duplicate Mox Opals.

The sideboard has a few items to help against various matchups, however in my experience the only card that I worry about is Stony Silence. With it’s recent reprinting it’s a little more accessible so if they are running white it’s expected to show up in the sideboard games. While I have a few things currently to deal with it I would like more, and to diversify them too. Also with decks that use the graveyard taking up a large portion of the metagame I would like to add more graveyard hate to the deck.

Why should I play the deck?

If you like aggro decks, and are wanting to have a lot of combat then this is the deck for you. If you have had a rough week, and want to play an aggro deck (and not something as complex as a Control deck), then this is for you.

Seriously though the deck is still a lot of fun to play, and I’m glad I have it as I want to embrace as many aspects of the format as possible. In Modern there are a few decks that you can lean on from week to week, and right now those seem to be Affinity & BGx Midrange decks (typically Jund).

That’s all for this week. I hope you all enjoyed the brief look at a format staple. If you play Affinity how do you tackle the metagame? What pointers do you have for others? Until next time…TAP MORE MANA!!!

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