Welcome to my blog.

My name is Scott, and I have been playing Magic: the Gathering since 1993, but not competitively until I first heard about FNM events in late 2005. My favorite archetype is Azorius based control decks, however I have been known to also play Esper, Jund midrange, and various other decks.

A few years ago I started to write about Magic for local clubs and stores, including Dayton Magic Club (which I am still a member of). My blogs have appeared on MTGSalvation, and The Meadery as well. I picked the name MTGPackFoils for my love of original pack foil cards, and hope one day to foil out decks again.

I mainly play Modern, and Legacy, however I am working on playing EDH more often, and have been known to dip into Standard a little bit. I primarily play for the fun of the game, but take that fun seriously (because we should all have more fun, right?). You can usually find me navigating the room at Epic Loot in Centerville, Ohio every Friday at FNM. Each week you can play Legacy, Standard, or Modern. Many players will also play EDH, and sometimes someone will bring their custom cube. If you are ever in the area stop on by.

Outside of Magic I am a husband of over 20 years, have raised a daughter, and work full time for a national credit card company. I also spent about 20 years of my adult life being a DJ at various clubs in Dayton, Ohio (my hometown).

I also enjoy watching baseball and listening to music.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope what I post is of interest to you.